Transcript of Prabowo Subianto’s Video Message on 25 July 2014

I don’t know what made me do this. But I translated Prabowo Subianto’s verbal diarrhoea from Indonesian to English. Perhaps because some non-indonesian-speakers could benefit from this. Anyway, get tissues ready for this heartfelt, gut-wrenching soppy story.



Assalamualaikum wr. wb., greetings to all of us, shalom, om swastiastu, namo budaya.

I would like to share my thoughts at this time where our country, as we all know, is facing a rather disconcerting situation. Brothers and sisters, I have expressed this repeatedly through writings, orations, and messages broadcasted through the internet and many other media.

I have conveyed that I fight to build a democratic Indonesia. I have proven my commitment to democracy while I was a commander in the national army of Indonesia – a commander who lead 33 combat battalions. One could say, a third of the combat force of the land army was under my commando.

And as I was accused of attempting coup-d’état to take over control in May 1998, I have proven myself to the people of Indonesia and to history that I did not do what I was accused of planning. I even came down from office without denying a command or decision. And after many years, there were no complaints, denials or refutations from me.

As I was a soldier, despite my retirement, I held on to my soldier spirit. A TNI (Indonesian National Army) soldier’s spirit is the people’s army, we are born from the people, we defend the people, and we are ready to die for the people of Indonesia. I have proven that in my career, I had risked my life multiple times for my nation and country.

Brothers and sisters, you could ask my former subordinates, which number in thousands, which are everywhere, ask them: has Prabowo Subianto ever abandoned his task in the battle zone? Brothers and sisters, ask them if I had lead them in front of them under the whistling of bullets or had I been in a base within the safe zone?

Brothers and sisters, I, as a patriot, have sworn to defend and build my nation. Brothers and sisters, to fulfil this oath to defend and build my nation, I am convinced that democracy is the best system of government.

Hence, I have been in politics for over ten years, I have taken part in the general election three times, I built a political party from scratch, I went from county to county, from district to district, village to village, province to province. Indeed, there is still much land I have not touched because of the greatness of our country is, brothers and sisters.

In several fora, in several assemblies, I have conveyed that our country is facing an awkward situation in which our nation’s wealth does not stay in the Republic of Indonesia. Our wealth flows out of our country; this is the reason why I strive to continuously change this system. I strive to secure the people’s wealth and the country’s wealth.

This is why I am speaking from the deepest of my heart, brothers and sisters. I believe that democracy has to be implemented as well as possible. Therefore, implementing the presidential election we have just recently carried out was our hope. That the mandate given to the people…, I repeat again, given from the people to whomever, that that mandate must be given correctly, fairly, openly, cleanly, honestly.

The essence of democracy is a clean election and an honest election, brothers and sisters. In the recently passed election, it turns out that we found much too many frauds, massive, systematic frauds. We also experienced unfair election organisers (KPU), siding one of the contestants. Our protests, our appeals as a presidential and vice-presidential candidate number 1 was ignored. Bawaslu’s (Election Supervising Board) recommendations in several places were ignored.

Brothers and sisters, our legal team and data team have found an indication of a relatively large deception. This is why we say – with great sadness and regret – that this election is actually a failure. That this election is illegitimate, that this presidential election violated the rules of democracy, that if we approved this decision, we would approve a deceit, we would approve a unrighteousness.

My brothers and sisters, wherever you are, I think you feel this everywhere, how broken the mentality of our country is, how broken the mentality of our leaders is, the mentality of our officers. This causes a great concern to us all; how can we live as a free country if all our officers, or nearly all our officers, don’t have integrity, could be bribed, could be bought? Where is justice for the people without money? If a person feels that s/he is treated unjustly, s/he should have a place to complain, s/he should go to the police, or s/he should go to the court, or s/he could ask for an advocacy from institutions built in our republic.

It turns out that all these institutions are a dead end, because of corruption, because judges have no integrity, judges can be bought, election organisers (KPU) can be purchased, election organisers’ officers can be bought. If all of these happened, what is the future of our nation? How could our nation defend itself? Let’s use our common sense, in reality, our country is heading towards failure.

Brothers and sisters, I say there is a time in our life where we are faced with difficult choices. Should we defend justice, or should we condone injustice? Should we stand upright to defend our country’s integrity, our country’s autonomy, and all the norms that we hold high? Or do we surrender ourselves to money? Do we sell our values, do we sell ourselves, do we sell our identities, do we sell our dignity, brothers and sisters? These choices are very difficult.

In 1945, our leaders faced similar choices. Should they declare independence, or wait until independence is given by the invaders? Tough choices, those choices had risks. They who wanted to declare independency, that the independence wasn’t a present from the invaders, they did indeed bet on their lives.

In 10 November 1945, the people of Surabaya and its leaders also faced difficult choices, tough choices. Should they give up to England’s ultimatum to raise their hands and hand over their weapons at the latest by 9 November, or else face invasion and attack from that current superpower, i.e. England? Imagine our country’s integrity if – at that time – Surabaya’s leaders and people had given up, if Governor Suryo, Bung Tomo, and every leaders in East Java and Surabaya had submitted to foreign ultimatum. How would our dignity be, also in our country’s great crisis?

In 1965, to choose to defend Pancasila or to give up to ideologies unsuitable to our nation, i.e. communism. Brothers and sisters, also in 1998, in the era of reformation, many of our leaders faced difficult choices: to defend a less democratic system or to be courageous enough to bring reformation and democracy? We have now implemented reformation and democracy for 16 years.

Fellow brothers and sisters, many of my opponents have always tried to discredit me. I’m painted as a power-hungry person that lusts for power, and I am painted as a person that likes to use force, cruel, and so on, and so on.

Brothers and sisters, after many years, I have proven that I prioritise peaceful solutions. I am a former soldier who understands wars. I have seen war. I have seen war victims. A commander that I respected died in my arms (hands??). My best subordinates died near me. I had to go to their families, to their mothers, to their wives, to their parents, to tell them that their sons had fallen in my leadership. I always wanted peaceful ways, that’s why, brothers and sisters, the slanders they launched are really vile.

I was accused of wanting to close down every church in the Republic of Indonesia, even though a large majority of my family is Christian, even my mother is a Christian. In fact, around me, my bodyguards, my aides, my secretaries, many of them are Christians. Brothers and sisters, I am a soldier, a former TNI soldier, our vow to defend every Indonesian person does not discriminate against ethnicity, religion, race. I have bet on my life and many of my subordinates of different ethnicities and religions have died under my commando. How can I violate my vows and forget the sacrifices of my subordinates? Brothers and sisters, I have also been slandered, as if I were against Chinese ethnicity. In reality I have always defended every minority group.

Fellow brothers and sisters, slander is a vile part of politics. I ask my friends to be patient and calm, not that we accept these slanders, but we should consider as well as we can. Don’t cure malice with malice, I ask you not to cure evil with evil, don’t cure slander with more slander.

Fellow brothers and sisters, in this critical situation, I continue to ask you, brothers and sisters, despite being patient, we have to also be ready; ready is our mentality, ready our strength and ready our breath. And I ask you, brothers and sisters, that you in the serenity of the night later contemplate on your opinions, that you contemplate on your actions, that you contemplate on your answers. I ask, do we continue to defend the truth, or do we surrender ourselves to unrighteousness, to deception, to tyranny?

And in the coming days, after we contemplate, let us take the steps to face the coming days. I have chosen to strive above constitutional foundation. It is very-very difficult for me to give up to unrighteous and unfair situations. I reckon this situation is laden with foreign involvement. There are certain countries that want Indonesia weak, that want Indonesia destroyed, that want Indonesia poor. We have received relatively strong proofs of their involvement, but still we must be calm, we must be patient, and we must not forget our own strengths.

Fellow brothers and sisters, let’s say from the counting they consider to be true, which we consider to be false, many tens of millions Indonesians are with us. Tens of millions! Even my friends on my Facebook are now more than 8 million people. I ask my true friends – maybe there are who join us just to follow the trend – but they who really want to be with me in fighting for and defending the values of goodness, the values of defending Indonesia, the values of building a right and good Indonesia for our children and grandchildren.

I implore you, brothers and sisters, let us continue in solidarity and togetherness, and let us assess from day to day, whatever we do has to be on top of our constitutional foundation, and we cannot use force. We will fight for everything on top of foundation of Satyagraha (satya “truth”; agraha “insistence”; satyagraha “insistence on truth, or truth force”), with examples given to us by a figure in India, Mahatma Gandhi; and in America, Martin Luther King; and in South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Have faith that the truth will be victorious, the truth cannot be defeated.

It is important that we are brave, we have to be steadfast, we have to be willing to sacrifice, fellow brothers and sisters. Bung Karno and Bung Hatta and Bung Sjahrir and Mr. Dirman and Governor Suryo and I Gusti Ngurah Rai and all our founding heroes have taught us that if we do not give up, if we are brave, if we are steadfast, truth will excel, truth will win.

By that time, we have to be ready to face hardship, we have to be ready to face suffering, but what choices do we have? Do we give up? Do we act as slaves? Do we sit down when commanded to sit down? Do we stand up when commanded to stand up? Do we bow down when commanded to bow down? Do we keep quiet, when commanded to keep quiet? Do we collect water when commanded to collect water? Or are we a respectable nation, a nation that knows to defend its rights, to defend the rights of its people?

Fellow brothers and sisters, our strength is large. We were cheated yesterday. Therefore let us reorganise our lineup, reorganise our strength. From person to person, reorganise your strength, 5 people for 5 people, and later 10 people for 10 people. Organise discussions, discuss in each house. Organise when we later announce how we fight. What is clear to us is that we only have two choices: to stand with honour as a noble and knightly country or to submit ourselves forever as a nation of lackeys, a nation of slaves, a weak nation, a nation that can be bought, a nation that can be bribed.

The choices are in our own hearts. I don’t know, from my 8 million friends, how many would still continue to be by my side. I ask you, please, answer me so I know who would continually fight with me to death. Or they who will just observe from the side, I don’t have a problem with that.

Thank you very much. This is not an end to a struggle. This is the beginning of our struggle. Freedom!

Wassalamualaikum, wr wb.

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2 Responses to “Transcript of Prabowo Subianto’s Video Message on 25 July 2014”

  1. emo Says:

    “I believe that democracy has to be implemented as well as possible”.
    – By stating the intent to change direct presidential election and attempting to sabotage the election process in the last hour of scheduled result announcement ?

    “The essence of democracy is a clean election and an honest election”.
    – By conducting black campaigns, intimidation, bribery and cheating? Blaming others for what he has done is simply a ‘false flag’ strategy. What kind of democracy does he have in mind?

    “I am a soldier, a former TNI soldier, our vow to defend every Indonesian person does not discriminate against ethnicity, religion, race”.
    – Why use the issue of ethnicity and religion in black campaigns against his only opponent?

    “We will fight for everything on top of foundation of Satyagraha”(satya “truth”; agraha “insistence”; satyagraha “insistence on truth, or truth force”)
    – Why not accept the invitation by Komnas HAM to clarify the truths relating to allegations of his past atrocities?

    Reflecting upon Prabowo’s actions, the hypocrisy in his statement, borders on insanity. The translator perfectly coined this rant as ‘Prabowo Subianto’s verbal diarrhoea’. No tissues needed here, just lots of toilet papers.

    • ST Says:

      – Moreover, he even tried to ask SBY to amend a constitutional law allowing SBY to stay a year longer as president so they could, with the nation’s money, do a reelection.

      – Exactly, most of the things he accused the other side of doing are actually the very vile things he and his team have been doing.

      – On top of that, he repeated that so many times. Militarism isn’t great. Indonesia did not need that anymore, after having had a share of “great militarism” during the New Order era.

      – I guess, he interprets the word “truth” very loosely.

      Thank you for reading. With this video, he expected us to wipe our tears with tissues, but exactly as you said, only tissue papers are needed to wipe this shit away.

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